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About Us

St Kilda Basketball Club provides community-focused basketball programs for girls and boys aged 7 to 22 years. Our members primarily come from Port Phillip and Stonnington municipalities, as well as surrounding areas.

Our approach to basketball, transcends the game, aiming for a holistic development that extends beyond basketball skills. We’re committed to cultivating a culture that not only seeks personal excellence in basketball but also acknowledges the broader benefits the sport offers—such as building confidence, fostering lifelong friendships, and nurturing a sense of belonging. For us, it’s about what our players gain from basketball that enriches their daily lives, which brings us immense joy and pride.


Professional Coaching

Our coaches are accredited, bringing with them extensive playing and coaching experiences.

All coaches undergo a rigorous five-step selection process before joining our esteemed team.

Consistent and Thorough Development

We take pride in our uniform, detailed program tailored across age groups. Our curriculum has been developed by a PHYS-ED teacher and basketball aficionado, Saratu, ensuring nothing is missed in our player’s development.

Our commitment to consistency makes us stand out with one of the most reliable programs available.

Guaranteed Player skill and IQ development

Our confidence in our program stems from the belief that we can enhance the abilities of any dedicated player irrespective of the players current skill level.

Our commitment remains unwavering to elevate your game.

Chance to Compete in Tournaments

Our non-rep players get the exciting opportunity to participate in representative tournaments, facing off against teams from across Victoria, broadening their competitive experience and exposure.

Access to supplemental training sessions

Our players are provided with the platform to further develop their skills - refer to Skills Training for more information. 

Professional Advisory Board

St Kilda Warriors stands out with an advisory board, ensuring accurate basketball advice from only basketball members that are well acquainted with the game.

Graded Teams

We place players in teams perfectly suited to their abilities, offering the right level of challenge for growth; avoiding unevenly matched team situations.

Graded Competition

Our teams are graded to compete at appropriate levels, including competing at higher age group brackets. We participate in MCBA (MSAC) Saturday competition.

Opportunity to stay together

As this is domestic level basketball, enjoyment with friends is considered during team formation. As such, we take friendships into consideration, as long as the players are at a similar level.

Groups can also join together to play together - if you have a team set up already. I.e. finishing off with your grade 6 Playball team - reach out! We can keep your team together.

Community-Centric Approach

By joining St Kilda Warriors, you become part of a larger vision for community basketball. We're not just about the game; we're about co-creating a healthy basketball atmosphere and fostering community connections and support.


UPCOMING TRYOUTS: FOR SUMMER SEASON 24/25: August Dates to be announced. 

Payers eager to play before our tryouts in August are welcome to express their interest to join now.

Missed tryouts or can’t wait to join?


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