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To ensure a rewarding experience for both players and the overall team, we encourage a commitment that includes attending scheduled practices and games regularly. While we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, consistent attendance contributes significantly to the player’s skill development and team cohesion. Players at SKW expect to play with players who are committed. We ask that you consider your availability before accepting a position at our club.

U10s – born 2015/2016

U12s – born 2013/2014

U14s – born 2011/2012

U16s – born 2009/2010

U18s – born 2007/2008

If you are ever confused about age grouping, just remember this simple rule: you cannot play in the same age group as the age you’re turning. For example, if you’re turning 10 in the same year, you cannot play in the U10s category.

Our teams compete in the MCBA (Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre) competition, held on Saturdays.

We have chosen to participate in the MCBA (MSAC competition) for the following reasons:

Local Growth and Development: To support the growth and development of our local basketball community. The MCBA is a burgeoning competition with significant potential, fueled by the growing interest in basketball and its representative arm. Playing at MCBA now is an investment for our future children and community basketball at large.

Professional Coaching Representation: Despite being in the early stages of its existence, the MCBA attracts  professional coaching representation and passionate parental coaching. This ensures that players and teams engage in higher-quality games compared to other competitions where professional coaching may be lacking. 

Convenience and Accessibility: MSAC’s central location provides with easy access to games and attracts an array of players from across Melbourne.


Trainings are held at facilities in Port Phillip such as Port Melbourne Primary School, South Melbourne Primary School and MSAC. Training times vary depending on court and coach availability. Typically our under 10’s and under 12’s train from 4.00pm, whilst our older age groups can expect to train later in the evening between 6.00 and 9.00 pm.


Games are held at MSAC on Saturdays. With the younger age groups playing between 12.00 – 2.00pm and the older age groups between 1.00-6.00pm. Review prior season game schedule here

Fees are assessed prior to the commencement of a new season. These fees reflect the cost of coaching, court hire, competition registration cost, game costs – also known as team sheets, and administration costs. As a club that strives to support the community, we offer alternative payment arrangements. Speak to us.

A club phone number will be distributed to members, designated for the purpose of “immediate calls” only. This number is reserved for urgent matters or time-sensitive information that requires immediate attention, typically arising from a session scheduled on or near the day of the call.

Examples of Immediate Calls Scenarios:

  • Last-minute session cancellations or changes.
  • Emergency updates affecting the scheduled activities on the same day.
  • Urgent matters related to health and safety during club sessions.

Preferred Channels for Non-Urgent Inquiries: Members are encouraged to use other communication channels, such as emails or scheduling a call via our contact page, for non-urgent inquiries or updates. This helps ensure that the club phone number remains available for critical and time-sensitive situations.

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